3 Thoughts To Keep In Mind When Taking Risks

Are you the person that wants adventure or the person that wants to stay in the same place for the rest of your life?

If you chose Adventure... you may continue reading.


In order to live an adventurous life… You have to take risks. Step out of your comfort zone and you may surprise yourself a lot more than you believed you could. Trust me!

As adventurist, we know we’re going to do something great in our lifetime. When that moment comes, the first thing you’ll feel is complete fear in going for a new opportunity. Something new is always a little scary. From experience, I’ve noticed the maximum fear I felt in a situation was right before I took the first step. It’s like going sky diving. There’s that pit in your stomach right before you jump. But understand that is the moment to jump or you’ll never do it.

To just let go and jump into a new adventure is scary. So, here’s how you should see this new beginning in your life.

You are brave. 


Showing the world who you are and who you want to be isn’t an easy tasks. Once you take that first step, it’s one of the most empowering moments in your life and you’ll remember that feeling forever.

You’ll never regret it. 


The five seconds of fear vs. a lifetime of experience is what makes it worth it. No matter how the adventure ends up you will never regret taking it. If theres one thing I have learned it’s that nothing can substitute experience. Even my worst experience, I don’t regret one bit.

You feel alive

pinnochio .gif

No one is ever ready. Sometimes there may be a better time in life but no one can fully be ready for what the future has to offer. Everyday your standing on your toes a little bit more to see what happens today.


Great things come when you push your comfort zones and when you choose the life of adventure you start to find things about yourself that you never knew you were looking for.

Be a doer.

Love you, later♥



Millennial Note

Go on adventures to find out your true ability and who you are. Each experience has a lesson behind it. So, keep wondering with an open heart and mind.


7 Comments on “3 Thoughts To Keep In Mind When Taking Risks

  1. I’ve been trying really hard these past several months to get out of my comfort zone. The reason I love this post so much is because of this line you wrote…”As adventurist, we know we’re going to do something great in our lifetime”…It just dawned on me that’s why I wanted to change. I knew there was more out there for me and I was living safe. Thanks for post!

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